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The Plastic wire handle which I am going to show here is more suitable for small bags and for the baskets that require lengthy handles. Below is the sample of the handle.

Plastic Wire Handle

Plastic Wire Handle

Materials Required:

  • Plastic wire which we use to make baskets
  • Scissor, Ruler, Rubber Band


1. We need to take four wires of different colors to make things easier to watch. Here I have used a length of 4 feet each. In reality, you must take at least 1.5 times more than the length of the handle required.

2. To start with, tie all the four wires together using a rubber band at one end leaving few inches before that band. As per the image below, I have four colors of plastic wire. First one is white, second is blue, third is yellow and fourth wire is pink.


2. Now grab the white wire from behind and bring it over the yellow wire i.e third wire. Now keep the white and blue wires to the left side and yellow and pink wires to the right.


3. Drag the pink wire from behind and bring it over the white wire.

4. Now grab the blue wire from behind and bring it over the pink wire.


5. Now bring the yellow wire from behind and bring it over the blue wire. With this we are completing one full weave.


6. As we  have seen so far, the pattern to follow is, 1-4-2-3. (white-pink-blue-yellow). Like this we have to go on weaving until we get the required length. Again start with the white wire to continue weaving. If you notice closely, you see that every time when we bring one wire from behind, we are placing it over the wire that was previously brought. If you can remember this, it will be very easy to proceed faster. You don’t even have to remember the colors.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4


We can use two colors instead of four and that will give you a different pattern. Again even with two color wires, if you interchange the wires, then also you will get a different pattern. If you want the handle a little volume, then you can add few wires inside and start weaving around it. Refer the images below to get some ideas. If you are not much of a color person, then you can choose only one color for all the four wires, yet will give a simple cylindrical look.




You can make some flower designs with this handle on the basket just like in the diagram below. For this you need to weave an extra length.


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