Nov 302014
Nellikai Basket Knot

Many of you might have seen or heard about Nellikai Koodai which is one of the many knots used in the plastic wire baskets. In this post, I am going to explain how to make an individual Nellikai knot using the plastic wires. Lets see how a Nellikai Knot looks like when it is completed.

Nellikai Basket Knot

Nellikai Basket Knot

Materials Required:

Plastic Wire of length 1 feet or less  – 3 Nos and 3 different colors for demonstration purpose. Here I have taken cream, Pink and yellow color wires.



1. Fold the wires in half to form a loop. Hold two loops one in each hand. Here cream on the left and pink on the right.


2. Insert the cream wire inside the pink look and hold both the wires in one hand.


3. Now bring the yellow loop over these two cream and pink wires. Refer the figure. Hold the loops tightly.


4. Now insert the back wire of yellow wire into first cream loop and then to pink loop by holding the all the wires tightly in position. Tighten this yellow wire a bit to form a loop as in the second figure.



5. Take the back wire of the pink wire; Insert it into yellow first and then to the cream wire loops.


6. Now take back of the cream wire; Insert it into pink wire first and then to the yellow wire loops.


7. That is all…Now tighten the knot by pulling all the wire ends tightly.



This knot reminds me of a small pinwheel…don’t you think?

I am trying to make a basket out of this Nellikai knots … I will post the instructions once when it is ready…

  16 Responses to “Nellikai Knot – Plastic Wire Basket Knots”

  1. Wow! This is wonderful! Thanks a lot.

  2. Thx a lot. Its really very helpful. Do post the instructions of the basket later.

  3. Can u pl post the instructions of how to make the basket using this knot?

  4. Hi I m searching this art n plastic wire please suggest me from where I ll get this plastic wire in Mumbai n any class is there in Mumbai

    • Hi Jyoti thanks for visiting my blog! I really don’t know anything about the availability of this plastic wires in Mumbai… If you find any craft shop, you can ask them for these wires!

  5. Hi,Are you familiar with making plastic wire basket with cross knots-the first method of making basket? If you know pls post the method & measurements for making a small basket.Thanks.

  6. i request you to kindly send tom any step wise guidance book of amla knot wire kudai

  7. Thank u mam… i want biscut knot also

  8. Thanks it is very useful…. Teach to wean the basket in same nallikai disign

  9. Excellent.could you teach me to make a complete basket.

  10. any updates on this koodai iam interested in the tutorial for the nellikai koodai basket

  11. Very pretty knot. Waiting for your step by step basket instructions.

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