Dec 022014
Plastic Wire Rings or Links or Loops

Long back during late eighties and early nineties, most of us used to make this type of rings using basket making plastic wires…These rings were mostly used as Thorans or Wall Hangings…Some used to hang these rings interlocked as in the picture below, on either side of the doorway! Since I have started this blog, I […]

Jun 162012
DIY Tabletop Fountains!

Fountains are an interesting element which brings a very calming and a soothing feel to anyone’s mind. Wherever you add this feature, whether it is in your patio, in your living room or in your garden, this fountain will be the most appreciated item in your home. That too, when you make your own water feature or a […]

May 152012
Simple Wall Hanging!

Plastic canvas and wool always make a perfect choice for making simple and wonderful crafts. Plastic canvases are available in many patterns/sizes and you can use this plastic canvases to make purses, boxes, alphabets or any wall hanging. You can buy a pattern from the choices available in the market or you can make one […]

May 012012
How to weave a Table Mat?

As it name depicts, a mat tape can be very well used to weave beautiful mats. The method which I’m going to do today is very traditional and it is been in practice for many many years now. My version of a simple mat using the traditional mat weaving is shown below. Materials needed: 1. Mat Tape […]

Apr 242012
How to make Fish using Fish Tape/Mat Tape?

In this post, I’ll show you how you can make fish by making use of the same fish tape/mat tape which we used earlier to make a bird in our previous post. See below for a quick view of fish once when it is finished. I’ll explain the process in few easy steps by adding […]

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