Nov 022017
Bryophyllum Plants

What are Bryophyllum Plants? This Bryophyllum is a succulent plant type and is native to Madagascar. These plants have the ability to produce new baby plants from their leaves. (i.e) Bryophyllum Plants vegetatively produce small plantlets along the edges/tips of their leaves which will root themselves to become new plants upon falling on the ground. This phenomenon […]

Sep 242017
Cactus and Succulents Sale in Chennai

Cactus & Succulents! Cactus & Succulents are slowly taking over our gardening space by occupying an important corner of our ornamental plant section. With their unique shapes and dangerously beautiful looking spines, cactus and Succulents are the perfect choice for any centrepiece arrangement. Be it a social gathering or a house party, these are the immediate conversation starters. Cacti […]

Oct 152014
Angelonia - The Summer Snapdragon Flowers

The first thing that I ever do when I visit any nursery is to look for some unusual and lesser known flowers. I always choose plants with smaller flowers than the one with larger blooms. Angelonia is one such plant with small flowers that I had found recently in a nursery nearby. This Angelonia plant […]

Sep 252014
Haworthia limifolia - Fairy Washboard!

Haworthia limifolia is an unusually attractive and a leaf succulent plant. The leaves are rough-textured and are arranged in a tight spiral rosette like setting. Leaves are triangular shaped and have distinctly marked ridges all over its surfaces, making them look like very hard on the leaf tips. Because of the ridges, these plants are called Fairy Wash […]

Sep 192014
Candle Bush - Senna alata

Senna alata is known for its showy yellow flower clusters that can be seen from a distance. These flowers are arranged in an erect, candle-like fashion called racemes of the plant. It is because of this reason, this plant is called as Candle Bush, Candle tree or Candlestick Plants. This plant has an exceptional anti-fungal properties for treating fungal infections on the […]

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