Sep 192014
Candle Bush - Senna alata

Senna alata is known for its showy yellow flower clusters that can be seen from a distance. These flowers are arranged in an erect, candle-like fashion called racemes of the plant. It is because of this reason, this plant is called as Candle Bush, Candle tree or Candlestick Plants. This plant has an exceptional anti-fungal properties for treating fungal infections on the […]

Aug 312014
Lantana - The Roadside Flower

Lantana – Flower from everywhere! Often we see a lot flowers on roadside while during our walks and will tend to ignore them once when we cross them. Lantana is one such flower which blooms everywhere and brightens the ground with its vibrant flowers often goes unnoticed. Lantana produces clusters of small flowers arranged in a circular fashion […]

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