Mar 142015
Quilled Earrings

Most kids today are like perfect all-rounders excelling in whatever they do whether it is studying or gaming or crafting. It is so amazing to see them capture even a small thing and analyzing it on their own way. Sometimes it makes us wonder how they get time to do all the extra-curricular activities in spite of their tight schedule! Today’s post is […]

Oct 302014
News Paper Basket

Following is a simple multipurpose paper basket, made using old news papers! It is a super easy project for kids, which they can complete it in a hour or two without much help. These baskets will make a nice container for keeping many things like shells, crayons, pebbles etc. on the kids table. Materials Required: […]

Oct 072014
Activities for Kids @ DakshinaChitra

DakshinaChitra conducts several activities for kids and craft lovers, which include but not limited to Pottery, Puppet Making, Fabric Printing, Pot Painting, Palm Leaf Crafts, Mask Making, Origami, Paper Crafts, Candle Making etc. Kids can participate in these activities and make their own crafts instantly. For each craft one Artisan is there to demonstrate or […]

Sep 192014
Clay Pot

Recently, me and my daughter made a pot by making use of modelling clay for her school project. We had a lot of fun in shaping the clay into animals, flowers and then finally settled for a small flower pot. We painted the pot with bright poster colors. Here is the pot we made… Materials used: Air-Drying Modelling […]

Sep 052014
Life Cycle of a Frog

Frog’s Life Cycle: Just like, Photosynthesis  Project, this Project  is also submitted by Kevin Curtis of fourth grade. He has made this project in the form of a folded file using a chart paper, with a circular hole in the front cover and is edged with a color tape which perfectly hides the cut edges of the circular hole. Through this hole, […]

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