Oct 302014
News Paper Basket

TweetFollowing is a simple multipurpose paper basket, made using old news papers! It is a super easy project for kids, which they can complete it in a hour or two without much help. These baskets will make a nice container for keeping many things like shells, crayons, pebbles etc. on the kids table. Materials Required: […]

Oct 152014
Angelonia - The Summer Snapdragon Flowers

TweetThe first thing that I ever do when I visit any nursery is to look for some unusual and lesser known flowers. I always choose plants with smaller flowers than the one with larger blooms. Angelonia is one such plant with small flowers that I had found recently in a nursery nearby. This Angelonia plant […]

Oct 112014
Palm Leaf Painting or Palm Leaf Pattachitra

TweetLike most others, I am familiar with most palm leaf products like baskets, Manuscripts, fans, toys, boxes, rattles, etc. but, Palm Leaf Paintings? That was more like a distant term to me until I saw those Palm leaf paintings in person at Dakshina Chitra Craft Bazaar. This palm leaf paintings are very ancient and are one of the most popular art form […]

Oct 072014
Beautiful Pots and Art of Pottery!

TweetDuring my visit to DakshinaChitra, one thing that grabbed my attention was the array of the different Terracotta pots. They were of many kinds with different shapes and sizes. Most of the pots are displayed in the gardens and are the main part of the beautiful landscapes. Some of my favorite pots from DakshinaChitra are shown […]

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