May 062014
How do we get Electricity?

How Electricity gets to your Home? This is a simple school project model aimed to educate the kids about how we get electricity. Electricity is generated by a generator which converts the energy obtained from several sources like Coal/oil/gas, Wind, Water, Nuclear, Solar etc. into electrical energy. For this model, only Coal Power Station is shown […]

Mar 292012
Class Tree

It is always a good practice to keep a class tree in the primary schools and in kindergartens. In general, a class tree is a tree like structure on which all the kids photos in the class are attached to its branches. This tree can be used as a symbolic representation of different groups present […]

Jan 052012
Miniature Zoo

One day I was given a task of making a miniature Zoo for my daughter by her class teacher. I didn’t know where to start at first. All I know was that I would be placing few plastic animals here and there on a zoo like setup. I was little puzzled as I had not […]

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