Category: Strange Flowers


Anthurium or Painter’s Palette: Anthurium is been a most sought flower for any exotic flower arrangement and you can see them on the large vases in any office or in hotel. Everything about this plant is so artistic and perfectly made..their leaves, spathe (bracts), stems, flowers, color of the flowers, everything included. Like Mussaendas, what we think […]

Mussaenda Flower

Mussaenda is a evergreen flowering shrub, commonly found in home gardens and is grown widely for its strikingly bright colored blooms. The color of these blooms range from red, pale pink, white, yellow or shades of these. The leaves of Mussaenda plants are very soft, hairy light-green colored and very spongy feel to touch. One interesting fact about these flowers […]

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush: This plant gets its name as its long ‘cone-shaped’ cluster of flowers attract hordes of butterflies and winged insects like bees. These fragrant flowers are loaded with nectar and has an orange throat or eye at the center of each flower. These plants spreads rapidly, as it produces thousands of seeds during every flowering […]