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I’m a freelance web developer and a busy mom, having an adorable daughter to make my life more enjoyable. I’m a great fan of Animation and Arts/Crafts. I love any kind of art form. I always make myself busy doing crafts and art projects no matter how silly it is. I don’t worry about the outcome as long as I enjoy doing it. My other hobbies include cooking, gardening, listening to music and photography.

This blog is a place where I share my hobbies, craft ideas, my interests, everything that makes me live my life more lively.

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16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi…. I am Shehanaz.
    I like your blog…
    i learnt more form your blog…
    thank u very much…
    i am waiting for your next post

    1. Hi Madhu/Shehanaz,

      Thanks for visiting and writing such a nice comment on my blog. I’ll try to post my next article this week. Please do visit again.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hi.

    I am Radhamani. Got inspired by your memories of the past sponge dolls. Could u Pl
    Enlighten as to where you got all the craft supplies especially the foam sheets


  3. hi, melinda,

    Its very nice to see all your projects, its awesome, will show your freind neha also about your creativity. leema its really very attractive and also giving me ideas to make school projects for neha also. continue the good work. my hearty wishes



  4. http://youtu.be/OXMa8LMRa4g hello I am smita sending herewith a link home decoration with plastic wire. Will u pl go through this video and will u please explain me how to make this rings I was familiar with this but now forgotten every thing will u please help me I tried a lot.thank u.waiting for ur reply what about the plastic wire basket? R u going to post the procedure?

    1. Hi Smita,

      Thanks for your patience… I have found the method for making Nellikai(Amla) Knot & the ring for making Thorans … Also few more knots like biscuit knot, Sivan Kan(Shiva’s Eye), jack fruit knot etc..

      I will post the following two during this weekend … other things next week..Already started preparing the tutorials with photos…

      If it not for you, I would have not tried these things repeatedly…Thanks for the follow up!


  5. Hi

    i’m a new user to this site

    for a very long time i am searching for this site

    lovevable hand works of fishes and parrots

  6. Hi, very nice and informative blog. Please let me know when you post the tutorial for nellikkai knot koodai. Thank you in advance. Usha Thiagarajan .

  7. I love the basket very like one i was shown how to make as a child , i cannot find anywhere to buy fish tape I just get fishing line and hooks , should I look for a particular name please.

  8. Hi,
    very nice & informative blog. very nice zool model. It is going to help my child as he has been given assignment of zoo model.

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