Cactus & Succulents Show in Chennai – 2019

January – It is again that time of the year when you have more activities & shows/exhibitions happening in and around the city of Chennai! Every year, this month is packed with Pongal Celebrations, Book Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Plant/Gardening Shows, Furniture show cum Sales etc. – to name a few and this year a no less!!! One […]

Kalanchoe diagremontiana

Bryophyllum Plants

What are Bryophyllum Plants? This Bryophyllum is a succulent plant type and is native to Madagascar. These plants have the ability to produce new baby plants from their leaves. (i.e) Bryophyllum Plants vegetatively produce small plantlets along the edges/tips of their leaves which will root themselves to become new plants upon falling on the ground. This phenomenon […]

Cactus and Succulents Sale in Chennai

Cactus & Succulents! Cactus & Succulents are slowly taking over our gardening space by occupying an important corner of our ornamental plant section. With their unique shapes and dangerously beautiful looking spines, cactus and Succulents are the perfect choice for any centrepiece arrangement. Be it a social gathering or a house party, these are the immediate conversation starters. Cacti […]

Quilled Earrings

Most kids today are like perfect all-rounders excelling in whatever they do whether it is studying or gaming or crafting. It is so amazing to see them capture even a small thing and analyzing it on their own way. Sometimes it makes us wonder how they get time to do all the extra-curricular activities in spite of their tight schedule! Today’s post is […]

Nellikkai Koodai – an update!

It’s been several months since I started with this Plastic wire Nellikkai knot Baskets (initiated by Smita) and yet I couldn’t complete a single basket… I have asked many people who used to make these type of plastic wire baskets, but nothing turned out successfully. Where am I? Since it will be my learning, I […]