Plant of the Day Agave Burnt Burgundy

Agave Burnt Burgundy

Agave Burnt Burgundy

Agave Burnt Burgundy is a striking succulent plant which forms an elegant rosette of sturdy leaves with reddish, burgundy colored leaf margins. The individual leaves end with very sharp, spiny tips just like any other regular agave, a common characteristic of an Agave.

Agave Burnt Burgundy is a hybrid agave formed between Agave Victoriae-Reginae and Agave Palmeri. This agave adjusts its size to the place where its planted. (i.e.) If grown in a small pot, it forms a tight rosette of closely packed leaves like mine which grows in a 6 inch pot. When it is planted in the ground, its reaches a size equals to 3 or 4 feet or even more.

Details of Agave Burnt Burgundy:

Family: Asparagaceae

Origin: Hot and arid regions of the Americas

Genus: Agave

Species: Agave burnt burgundy

Propagation and Cultivation:

Agave burnt burgundy produces a lot of offsets or pups during its growth phase. These pups can be separated from the mother plant and can be potted in a different pot to form a new plant. In one of my Agave which is shown below, you can see a lot of pups around the mother plant which need to be separated and propagated.

Tip: To remove the Pups safely, it is better uproot the whole mother plant from the pot and then gently pulling the offsets one by one by tightly holding on to the base of the mother plant. In that way, the roots of both the offset and mother plant will not get damaged during this process.

Agave “Burnt Burgundy” Marginata:

Agave “burnt burgundy” marginata is a variegated form of this agave. Variegation is a type of change in the original color due to light in plants. The type, amount and pattern of variegation differs from plant to plant depending on the light they receive. Since its not a regular occurrence, the plants with variegation costs more than the normal ones of their own type.

Agave “burnt burgundy” marginata forms a cream to yellow colored variegation along the leaf margins in contrast to the burgundy colored edges. Below is the picture of my Agave “burnt burgundy” marginata. This marginal variegated plants are more striking than the normal ones as you can see.

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