Plant of the Day Aloe Castilloniae

Aloe Castilloniae

Aloe Castilloniae

Aloe Castilloniae is a beautiful, very slow growing aloe species often forming a tight cluster of drooping branches. The branches are not very strong to stand straight and grow upwards, so they droop to the side of the pots when the branch outgrows the pot. The branches are coming out from the base and forms a tight cluster when it ages. My plant shown in the picture is only about 2 years old (its only a small plant!) having one big branch and one small branch. Waiting patiently for it to produce more branches in the near future!

The leaves are recurved, short, triangular and olive green in color in nature. The leaves are having red teeth along the leaf margins and red tubercles are found on both the sides of the leaves which gives them a enchanting look. The branches produce a thin, long stack of red to orange flowers with yellow tint at the tip of the flowers.

Details of Aloe Castilloniae:

Family: Asphodelaceae

Synonyms: Aloe castilloniae J.-B.Castillon

Origin: Madagascar

Genus: Aloe

Species: Aloe castilloniae

Propagation and Cultivation:

Aloe Castilloniae can be easily propagated by separating the offsets or pups by carefully removing them the base of the plant. In the picture below, you can see the tiny offset of my plant. This aloe is very suitable for small containers and I consider this aloe to be of heat tolerant, and grows well in the shade too. Currently I am keeping this aloe in one of my balcony near the rails which gets a partial shade.

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