Anthurium Red

Anthurium or Painter’s Palette:

Anthurium is been a most sought flower for any exotic flower arrangement and you can see them on the large vases in any office or in hotel. Everything about this plant is so artistic and perfectly made..their leaves, spathe (bracts), stems, flowers, color of the flowers, everything included.

Like Mussaendas, what we think as the flowers are not true flowers of Anthuriums. It is the spathe i.e. a large bract which forms a sheathe to surrounds the spadix. A spadix is what see as a long spike or club like thing on which tiny flowers are placed. The bracts are brightly colored, waxy, heart-shaped and shiny, giving them a fair reason to be called as a Painter’s Palette. Although red is most common, there are other color variations like lilac, white, green, pink and bi-color varieties on the market. Anthurium leaves are waxy, leathery, heart-shaped and dark- green colored. Strikingly bright and colorful, with an unreal and artificial look, Anthuriums are one of the best of nature’s creation!

Note: I took the following Anthurium pictures in a nursery located on the G.S.T Road near Guindy Roundtana, Chennai. They have got most colors of Anthuriums and plenty of other plants.

Common Name: Anthurium, Painter’s Palette, Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower, Flamingo Lily, Tail Flower, Laceleaf

Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum

Family Name: Araceae (arum family)

Red Anthuriums

Anthurium – Red

Lilac Anthuriums

Lilac Anthurium

Anthurium White

Anthurium White

Anthurium Pink

Anthurium Pink

More Anthurium Flower Pictures: Photo Gallery

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