Flowers Ixora Flowers

Ixora Flowers

Red Ixora

Ixora Flowers (Jungle Geranium)

Ixora Flowers are very common among the garden plants and often these plants are planted in groups or in rows to take advantage of their excess blooms. These evergreen plants are very easy to grow and maintain. Flowers are available in wide variety of colors ranging from red, pink, white, orange, yellow etc. Some Ixora plants are very small, dwarf like with miniature leaves and flowers while others with larger leaves and plant size with larger flowers.

Red Ixora Flower

Red Ixora Flower – Photo Credits: Leena, Chennai

Ixora White

Ixora White Dwarf

Orange Ixora coccinea

Large Ixora Bloom

Pink Ixora coccinea

Pink Ixora coccinea

Common Name:  Ixora, Jungle Geranium, Rugmini, Jungle Flame, Flame of the Woods, Siantan

[In Tamil: Vetchi or Idli Poo]

Botanical Name: Ixora coccinea

Family: Rubiaceae (coffee family)

More Ixora Flowers: Photo Gallery

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