Flowers Frangipani or Plumeria

Frangipani or Plumeria

White Frangipani (or) White Plumeria

Common Frangipani or Plumeria Flower

Frangipani, as it is commonly known all over the world, (while in some English speaking countries, it is known by it’s botanical name of Plumeria), is a most aromatic flower in nature and is grown in tropical or sub-tropical parts of the world. These plants grow to become large shrubs or trees. These plants bear thick clusters of  lush green leaves often found towards the tip of each branch. These plants are sensitive to cold weather and because of this deciduous (trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally especially during each winter) nature, the plant sheds it’s leaves during early winter, leaving the tree with mere branches and flowers.

Common Name: Frangipani, Plumeria, Lei flower, Temple Tree, Indian Temple Tree, Crimson Temple Tree, Pagoda Tree

[In Tamil: Perungalli, பெருங்கள்ளி, or Nela sampangi, நெல ஸம்பங்கி ]

Botanical Name: Plumeria rubra

Family: Apocynaceae (oleander family)

White Frangipani (or) White Plumeria

White Frangipani (or) White Plumeria

Yellow Frangipani

Yellow Frangipani (or) Yellow Plumeria

Pink Frangipani

Pink Frangipani (or) Pink Frangipani

Red Frangipani Flower

Red Frangipani (or) Red Plumeria


In a park near to my house, both white frangipani and red frangipani trees are growing adjacent to each other. It gives an impression of both colors are blooming from the same tree in the below picture.

White & Red Frangipani Flower


More Frangipani Flowers: Photo Gallery


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