Plants & Flowers,Wild Flowers Lantana – The Roadside Flower

Lantana – The Roadside Flower

Lantana – Flower from everywhere!

Often we see a lot flowers on the roadside while during our morning walks and will tend to ignore them once when we cross them. Lantana is one such flower which blooms everywhere and brightens the ground with its vibrant flowers often goes unnoticed. Lantana produces clusters of small flowers arranged in a circular fashion and are available in pink, white, yellow, red in solid colors and in combination of pink with yellow, red with yellow, white with yellow colors. Out of these, yellow lantana or gold lantana are very famous with landscaping people.

These Lantana plants are perennials, scrambling shrubs, and often forming dense thickets which are drought and heat resistant, making them perfect for Xeriscape (a design landscape that requires little or no irrigation and low maintenance). For ages, these Lantana flowers have the bad reputation for their peculiar smell, so most people avoid growing these flowers in their garden. But these flowers are gaining more popularity in the coastal areas as these are very persistent to salty sprays and often found in the coastal landscapes. 

Common name: Lantana, Gold Lantana, Miss Huff, Spanish Flag, West Indian Lantana, Shrub Verbena

[Tamil: உன்னிச்செடி,Unnichedi ]

Botanical name: Lantana camara

Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)

Pink Lantana

Pink Lantana – Photo Credits:Leena, Chennai

Yellow Lantana from our garden

Yellow Lantana from our garden

Yellow or Gold Lantana

Yellow or Gold Lantana

Twin Flower Clusters

Twin Lantana Flower Clusters

More Lantana Flowers: Photo Gallery

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