Flower Vases Memories from the past: Making a Flower Vase using Plastic Wires! – Part 4

Memories from the past: Making a Flower Vase using Plastic Wires! – Part 4

In this post, I will show you a different method to make a flower vase by making use of the  same plastic wires as in my earlier post.

Below is the finished vase:

Finished vase

Finished vase with plastic flowers

Finished vase with flowers

Wondering how to make one for yourself? Ok then lets get started on with the materials required.


1. Plastic wires. 

2. Plastic tubes or beads with the large holes so that the plastic wire can be passed through it. Here I have used plastic tubes.

3. Plastic flowers for decoration.

4. Bangle (large size).

Plastic Bangle

Before you start:

1. Take the wire bundle, measure and cut a length of 5ft wire. Like this cut 14 more wires. You need 15 wires i.e. multiples of 3.

2. Now take the tube wire and cut small pieces (1 cm would be perfect) like in the figure.


Since the initial steps are same as  in my previous post Memories from the past: Making a Flower Vase using plastic wires! – Part 3, I’m going to include the same pictures here.

1. Fold one wire in to half  and insert the folded end to form a loop into the bangle like in the figure below.

2. While holding the loop inside the bangle, take the loose ends over the bangle and insert into the loop and tighten it. This will form a knot around the bangle.

3.  Repeat the same and add the remaining 14 wires by adding one by one to the bangle like below. Now there are 15 knots around the bangle. Each knot is having two wires of equal length. From now on I’ll call this as a knot-wire-pair.

4. After adding all the 15 wires on to the bangle, it’s time to make one basket-knot by taking one wire from one knot-wire-pair and tying it with other wire from next knot-wire-pair. Refer the following figures.

a. Make 2 loops one in each wire.

b. Hold one loop in left hand and the other loop in the right hand.

c. Insert left hand loop into the right hand loop.

d. Holding it tightly, take the back end wire of the left hand loop over the right hand loop.

e. Insert the back end of right hand loop in to the left hand loop by crossing over the back end of left hand wire. Tighten it.

When you have completed making few knots, the bangle will look like the following figure. As you can see, I have taken one wire from one knot-wire-pair and tied it with the other wire from adjacent knot-wire-pair to form a basket-knot.

5. After completing the first round/line, for the second line, follow the below step.

a. Hold two knots from the first line, horizontally, take one wire from one knot and the other from the second knot and again make a  third knot.

b. Repeat the same and complete the second line. Now the flower vase will look below after completing the second line.

6. Repeat the same and complete 7 lines in total.

7. Now add a tube in each wire and make basket knots. This will make the vase to expand further and thus forming the middle portion of the vase.

8. Keep adding small tubes to the wire and continue making knots until you complete 5 lines.

9. Now make 5 more lines of knots without adding the tubes. This will form the neck portion of the vase.

10. Add tubes and complete one more line.

11. Now there will be 15 knots at the top. Divide these 15 into 5 groups each having 3 knots. Take first 3 knots, make 2 more knots at the top. Then on top make one more knot to form a triangle. Like this, continue with the other 4 groups to make 5 triangles in total. To tidy up, tug the  extra wire inside the vase to some extent and cut the remaining wire.


 12. To finish things, add flowers artificial or real flowers to the vase.

Finished vase with flowers

Note:    Alternatively you can add large beads instead of these tubes to get a slightly different look of this flower vase.

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  1. Hi there! I have been searching the web trying to find some instructions on how to make a basket using this technique like my grandmother used to! Do you have any detailed instructions or where I could find them on how to start make and finish a woven basket with plastic wire? Any help would be great!


    1. Hi Sreevani,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Regarding your question, I have made a few baskets myself long back. I’ll come up with the detailed instructions and photos on that and post the same on the blog very soon.


  2. Hello, I would love to do this as I love art. Your website is very good. Do you have any patterns for small baskets. Also from where can you purchase these wires as I am in Uk and I really want to make some. Many thanks

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