Artificial Flowers Nylon Stocking Flowers – Part 2

Nylon Stocking Flowers – Part 2

Nylon flowers play a major role in the artificial flower making business and there can be hardly any flower arrangement without these nylon flowers. With the availability of vast variety of materials and tools, the possibilities are endless. The ease of making and it’s inexpensiveness is what makes this an important craft item among the craft lovers.

In this post, I’ll show how to make Daffodil, Call Lily by using the method described in my earlier post Learn to make Nylon Stocking Flowers – Part 1.

Here is the quick look at the flowers:


a) Calla Lily

1. Make one large wire loop.

2. Wrap this loop with a bright colored nylon stocking. Tie it with a thread, trim the wire and nylon.

3. Make a large yellow stamen by wrapping a piece of cotton around a wire hook and covering this with two layers of yellow nylon.

4. Now attach the large petal you just made with this stamen with the help of a thread.

5. Now gently shape the petal by bringing both sides of the petal to the front. Bring these sides very closely so that they overlap each other.

6. Shape the petal until you are satisfied with the look. Now take the floral green tape and wrap all unwanted parts of the base with this tape.  Make few more flowers and attach all these flowers to a stem to have a nice looking branch.

b) Daffodil

1. Make four large and four small petals of dark and light colored nylon.

2. Make a stamen by tying together few ready-made stamens on a stem.

3. Attach all four small petals around the stamen, and tie all the four large petals around these small petals.

4. Shape the petals until it closely resembles the real flower.

c. Lily

1. Make four very large petals. Shape these petals and stretch it in length wise.

2. Make the stamen

3. Tie these four petals and stamen together by placing the stamen at the center.

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