Artificial Flowers Learn to make Nylon Stocking Flowers – Part 1

Learn to make Nylon Stocking Flowers – Part 1

Today’s post is about making Nylon flowers or stocking flowers which falls under the broad category of Artificial Flowers. Nylon flowers are very easy to make and also gives a stunning look once when it is finished. The name stocking flower or nylon flower  may sound unfamiliar to some of you but it is very rare for anyone not to notice these flowers on any gift shops or hotels on in any showrooms. These flowers are made from nylon or stocking cloth and hence the name. The silkily appearance and flexibility of this stocking material helps one to make any exotic flower easily in minutes (which only is limited by one’s own imagination and of-course  patience). With the help of thin floral wires, you can shape the petals anyway you want it and this nylon – wire combination gives these flowers an unique look and feel.

Below are some of the  flowers that I have made using these nylon stocking materials.

Cool right! Shall we start with the flower making process? First lets collect all the materials required.

Materials required:

1. Nylon Stocking cloth – in variety of colors

2. Floral wire – available in variety of colors. You can even choose gold color to give these petals a shine at the edges.

3. Floral green tape

4.  Stem wire (optional)

5. Pliers for cutting and twisting the wire

6. Scissors

7. Nylon threading or sewing threads

 8. Constructive rings – cylindrical tubes in different sizes, comes in a set of 8 and are used as guides for making petals (optional). Since I don’t have these I’m using my own guides. If you are a perfectionist or want to do it for a career, then I suggest you to get the constructive rings.

 9. Ready-made stamens

 10. Glue

When you go to a craft shop, tell them that you need materials for making nylon stocking flowers. They will provide you with all the above materials and tools required. You just need to pick your color, size and quantity. It won’t be that hard.


The basic procedure for making all types of flowers from simple to intricate type remains the same i.e everything starts by making petals from wire loops. So we will start our exercise by making a simple flower then we will move on to an intricate design.

How to make a petal?

1. Take one ring or guide, (depending upon the size of the flower that you plan to make) and roll the floral wire over it to form a loop. This will make one of your petal.

 2. Use pliers to twist the wire gently and cut the loose end with the help of cutting pliers.

3. Make four (or required number) wire loops of same size by making use of same constructive ring or your own guide.

4. Wrap these wire loops with the nylon cloth of bright color and pull the cloth towards the handle of the loop gently and tie it with the help of a nylon or sewing thread of similar color. Be careful not to tear or leave any holes while stretching and pulling the nylon. Trim the extra nylon at the end. That will be  your first petal.

 5. Now you can shape this petal according to your needs by slightly bending wire edges. This way you can shape your petals as well as leaves.

  6. Make the required number of petals for your flower.

Flower arrangement:

1. Make a stamen by wrapping little cotton around a wire loop and covering that with the nylon cloth of different color. Trim the extra nylon.

 2. Add few ready-made stamens if you prefer it.

3. Now take one petal and tie it with the stamen tightly by using a thread. Attach all the petals around this stamen, neatly.

  4. Now wrap the wire back with floral green tape and add green leaves if you want. Now your finished flower looks similar to the one below.


a) Trim the extra nylon thoroughly by leaving as little cloth as possible after the thread. This will give a very smooth base.

b) Cut the extra wire after making the flower which makes the base of the flower very neat so that you can paste the same on any clip or headband or on any gift box.

Practice makes anything better; As I am a learner in this area of nylon flower making, I keep practicing to make a better looking flower every time I try.

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