Jul 222014
Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti Flower or Drunken Sailor) Quisqualis rangoon creeper is a creeper vine with clusters of flowers ranging from pink to red to white colors hanging downside along vine. We can often see these fast growing creeper near the compounds surrounding the house, easily filling up the top space of the compound walls. Rangoon Creeper Plant bears […]

Jul 182014
Flowers Around us

Flowers Around us In this section I’ll post the pictures of flowers that  we can easily spot in our gardens or in our neighbors. Since I’m living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,  few of these garden flowers may be native to my locality and its surroundings. So if you are living abroad, you may not find these […]

Jul 012014
Kodaikanal Bryant Park Flowers - Beautiful Flowers Part 1

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station of Tamil Nadu, fondly known as “The Gift of the Forest”, located in the southern part (Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu) of India and it is the most admired tourist attraction of south India. Kodaikanal  or Kodai has several picturesque locations and tourist attractions like Coaker’s Walk, Pillar Rock, Pine Forest, Guna […]

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