Flowers Flowers Around us

Flowers Around us

Cape Honeysuckle

Flowers Around us

In this section I’ll post the pictures of flowers that  we can easily spot in our gardens or in our neighbors. Since I’m living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,  few of these garden flowers may be native to my locality and its surroundings. So if you are living abroad, you may not find these flowers in your area…

We often look at some pretty flowers blooming during our walks and wonder what their name might be…This happens to me most of the time…So this page is for those who are like me in finding about the names of flowers around us…

Browse through the index and click on a particular link to learn more about that flower. I will keep adding more new flowers every time when see one.


Cape Honeysuckle

Common Name:  Cape Honeysuckle, Orange Honeysuckle ( though it is not related to original honeysuckle), Fire flower, Flame vine, Red Tecoma , Tecoma

[In Tamil: Sorry, don’t know what it is called in Tamil. If anyone could help, that would be great! ]

Botanical Name: Tecoma capensis

Family: Bignoniaceae (Jacaranda family)

Cape Jasmine

Common Name:  ia, Cape jasmine

[In Tamil: Parijatham ]

Botanical Name: ia jasminoides

Family: Rubiaceae (coffee family)

Butterfly Pea

Common Name:  Butterfly Pea

[In Tamil: Sangu poo, Sangu Pushpam ]

Botanical Name: Clitoria ternatea

Family: Fabaceae (pea family)

Four O’clock Flowers

Common Name:  Four O’clock, Beauty-of-the-night, Marvel of Peru

[In Tamil: Andhi Mandarai, Pattarashu]

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa

Family: Nyctaginaceae (Bougainvillea family)

This flower bud start to open in the late afternoon and reaches it’s full size only in the evening around 4 to 6 pm. In my area, most common color in this category is pink.

Most of the above close up shots are taken from one of my uncle’s house nearby who keeps a beautiful garden in his home. Theirs’ is a lovely garden of Cape Honeysuckles, Jasmines, Parijat (Cape jasmine), Canna, Ixoras, Roses, Tecoma stans (beautiful yellow bells), Mums etc. Well, I am planning to visit their garden more often than before to find about if there are any new flowers are adding up to the existing bloom…

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