Flowers Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti Flower or Drunken Sailor)

Quisqualis rangoon creeper is a creeper vine with clusters of flowers ranging from pink to red to white colors hanging downside along vine. We can often see these fast growing creeper near the compounds surrounding the house, easily filling up the top space of the compound walls.

Rangoon Creeper Plant bears a lush foliage of light green to green leaves and the flowers are aromatic most at night which are clustered together to form a brilliant display of colors. To start with, Rangoon creeper flowers are white and gradually changes to pink, then finally to red. This liana (long-stemmed, woody vines) starts to grow as a shrub and continues grow as a woody wine very fast.

Common Name: Rangoon Creeper, Akar Dani, Burma creeper, Drunken Sailor, Madhu Malati, Chinese Honeysuckle, Udani

[In Tamil: Rangoon Malli, இரங்கூன் மல்லி]

Botanical Name: Combretum indicum

Synonym:  Quisqualis indica

Family: Combretaceae (Rangoon creeper family)

Drunken Sailor

Rangoon Creeper

Following shots of this creeper are taken after a short shower of rain on my drive through ECR (East Coast Road), Chennai.

Rangoon Creeper after a short shower of rain

Rangoon Creeper after a short shower of rain

As you can see, yellow Allamanda is grown along side these blooms, as if to compete against each other in the category of “Most Attractive Flower on Earth” .

Rangoon Creeper and Yellow Alamanda

Rangoon Creeper and Yellow Alamanda

More Rangoon Creeper Flowers: Photo Gallery

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