Apr 242012
Make a Bird or Parrot using Mat Tape/Fish Tape!

Today I’m going to explain how to make a bird or parrot using fish tape or mat tape. Below picture shows the bird once when it is completed. Materials Required: 1. Fish Tape or Mat Tape 2. Stapler 3. Scissor 4. Small beads for bird’s eyes 5. Glue Instructions: 1. For one bird you need […]

Apr 182012
Home Decor using Sali / Plastic Straws!

One can make plenty of crafts using straws, it doesn’t matter whether it is a flexible (drinking straws) type or a rigid type. Play around with the straws and use your imagination, I’m sure you will end up with some nice shapes or even Polyhedrons. You can never go wrong! Here is one such type that […]

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