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Make a Bird or Parrot using Mat Tape/Fish Tape!

Today I’m going to explain how to make a bird or parrot using fish tape or mat tape. Below picture shows the bird once when it is completed.

Materials Required:

1. Fish Tape or Mat Tape

2. Stapler

3. Scissor

4. Small beads for bird’s eyes

5. Glue


1. For one bird you need one foot length of a tape or you can add a few extra inches, say 15 inches since it is your first time doing this. This extra length will help you in handling the tape easily while making the bird.  Choose your favorite color. If you want the bird to look like a parrot, you can do so by selecting a bright green color tape.

2. Fold it in the middle and staple it, leaving a length of approx 0.8cm from the middle on both sides as in the figure. This will be your bird’s head.

3. Hold the stapled middle part, bring the top tape and fold it as shown in the picture.

4. Now insert this tape end onto the loop by bringing the tape from behind the entire stapled part. Refer the figure below.

5. Thus we have formed a knot by using the top tape. Now bring the other tape which is at the back and insert it through the stapled part just above the knot.

For better clarity, I’ve shown the above in a different angle.

6. Bring the above tape and insert it into tape which is the lower part of the first knot. Now bring it outside so that the second loop’s lower part lies between the two tape ends. If my explanation is not clear, please refer the picture below.

7. Now staple the tapes by holding both the ends tightly.

8. For the bird’s beak, cut a bit of red colored tape looking like a right-angle Trapezoid at one end. Apply hot glue at the other end and insert it into the stapled portion.

9. For the bird’s eye, apply glue on both sides and place two small dark colored beads on them.  Now cut out a small triangle shape from both the tape ends to make it look like bird’s tail.

10. That is all!. Now you have a beautiful bird in your hands just like the ones shown in the below picture. 🙂

Note:  If you don’t find any fish tape or mat tape, you can try this with any other tape like packing tape or any thin cardboard strips.

25 thoughts on “Make a Bird or Parrot using Mat Tape/Fish Tape!”

  1. Hi,
    This brings back so many old memories! My grandmother taught me how to make these birds, when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how to make them, till I saw your tutorial.

  2. I had forgotten how to make this. Your post really helped to recollect…
    Could I know the the name of that plastic straw kind of thing shown in the completed picture at the very top?

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comments. The plastic straw is called ‘Sali’. For your information, I am attaching the image of the cover. You can ask for this Sali in any fancy store.
      Sali Box Cover

  3. I had forgot the crafts I did during my childhood… your site hepled me recollect it… thanks a lot… keep it going….

  4. Thank you!!. I was able to understand the making with the pictures. A video would do a lot of help. Thanks Again!!

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