Kids Projects,Travel Activities for Kids @ DakshinaChitra

Activities for Kids @ DakshinaChitra

Dry Peepal Leaf Painting

DakshinaChitra conducts several activities for kids and craft lovers, which include but not limited to Pottery, Puppet Making, Fabric Printing, Pot Painting, Palm Leaf Crafts, Mask Making, Origami, Paper Crafts, Candle Making etc. Kids can participate in these activities and make their own crafts instantly. For each craft one Artisan is there to demonstrate or educate the participants. They charge a fee (from 20 rupees on wards) for each of these program apart from the main entrance fee. The best part is that kids can take their makings with them once they are done, whether it is a pot or a mask or a fabric depending upon the craft activity they sign for :).

Peepal Leaves decorated with Paints on the display at the Activity Center!

Dry Peepal Leaf Painting

Dry Peepal Leaf Painting

Dry Peepal Leaf

Dry Peepal Leaf

My kid and my nephews enjoyed these sessions very much to the extent that they keep telling me to plan for another visit to DakshinaChitra soon. For them it was an unique experience as they took part in most of the activities. Now they have their own pot made and painted by them.

Included here are some of the pictures taken during our recent trip to DakshinaChitra…

1. Puppet Making:

2. Pottery: Making a small pot using a Potter’s Wheel

3. Fabric Printing using Acrylic Colors and Molds:

4. Pot Painting: Water Color on Terracotta Pots

5. Origami: Making a Lotus

Other Activities that are taught @DakshinaChitra:

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    1. Hi, I was just sharing our experience at DakshinaChitra where pepal leaf painting was one of the activity for kids….
      No we don’t teach this activity!


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