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Canna Flowers

Canna Flower


Cannas are perennial plants (living for longer period of time say for several years), grown for their large showy leaves and bright lily-like flowers. Canna plants is been a favorite among the landscapers for many years because of  their fresh palmy foliage and they tend to fill up the garden with beautiful flowers all through the summer.

Most common shades of flowers are Orange, red, yellow or combinations of these. Some even call these flowers as canna lily although it doesn’t belong to the lily family.

Cannas grow from their underground stems (bulbs as we call them), called rhizomes. These rhizomes store starch. In some edible canna varieties (like Canna indica), these rhizomes contain high quality starch and are consumed as food in certain cultures. Other benefits include their small hard bead like seeds which are used as beads in jewelry or in baby rattles/musical instruments.

Red Canna

Canna Lily Black Knight

Canna Flower

Canna ‘Yellow King Humbert’

Common Name:  Canna, Canna Lily (though it is not actually a lily), Keli. Indian Shot Plants

[In Tamil: Kalvazhai, Kal Vazhai, Manivazhai, பூவாளை ]

Botanical Name: Canna spp

Family: Cannaceae (canna family)

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