It is nice to have a garden in your backyard where you can relax and do some walking when you are tired of doing your regular stuff. I always wanted to have a big garden with walking space and a nice little place under a tree to sit and read a book. But like most of us, I don’t have enough place in my house to keep a garden for myself not even a small one. So I used to keep few pots with flowering plants near the portico(porch) and some on the roof top.

Like myself my daughter is also very much interested in gardening and she likes watering the plants. On one summer day, I was telling her about mini garden and the beauty of it. She was very eager to see one. So I showed few models on net and few demos shown in the YouTube. She was very much fascinated by that and she wanted to have one for her instantly at that moment. failing to convince her, I started planing on the materials needed to make a Mini .

I wanted the garden to be very simple, not cluttered and easily manageable at the same time. So I chose a wide-mouthed cement pot with a flat bottom and prepared the soil for plantation. Made the layout and separated the sitting area from the garden area with the help of pebbles. For the sitting area I have added a solid platform by mixing a handful of white cement with sand and water. Added a few more pebbles onto the cement floor before it started to set.

Then added the plants to the garden and the necessary furniture to the platform. Watered the plants. Added a few more things like the bamboo curtain, a bird house and a bridge. The resulting Mini garden was satisfactory and most of all my daughter liked it very much. The resulting mini garden is shown below in different stages…

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