Nursery s,Travel Sorrel s – with a Style!

Sorrel s – with a Style!

Located on the ECR, Chennai, Sorrel s is one of the best nursery garden I have ever visited. It is a must visit plant nursery for Cactus and Succulent growers. This post is for those who are on the constant lookout for collecting more and more varieties of Cactus and Succulents, at one place for a reasonable price.

Cactus Arrangements - Sorrel s

Cactus/Succulents Arrangements – Sorrel s

Until recently, I was never bothered to visit nurseries far from my place. But once when I have decided to grow a Cacti/Succulent garden of my own, there is no stopping it. So I visited from one nursery to the other and slowly started to buy few plants to grow-up my own Cactus/Succulent collection. Bought few succulent cuttings and saplings from eBay too. But it was never enough.

Plant Arrangements - Sorrel s

Plant Arrangements – Sorrel s

Then some of my friends from Facebook Group suggested me to visit Sorrel s. Since this Sorrel s is located near to DakshinaChitra, which is about five minutes drive from the later, I thought of visiting both the places on the same day. As I have planned earlier, last week, me and my family went to DakshinaChitra, then while on our return, we stopped at the Sorrel s. I liked the place very much at the very moment – the plants, the plant arrangements, gardening supplies, the settings, the service and everything about it.

Another Creation from Sorrel s

Another Creation from Sorrel s

The main attention grabber is the place where they keep miniature Cactus and Succulent s. So many plant arrangements with different garden accents and garden sculptures. No two pot arrangements are same! It is unique and different every time! Plants are not just limited to Cactus and Succulents alone, they have tons of other plants too. As it was already late in the evening, I couldn’t tour the entire garden.

Plants @ Sorrel s

Plants @ Sorrel s

They are also selling stylish pots and vases which are perfect for these Cactus and Succulents varieties. Some of the rare and unusual planters which we cannot see in the regular plant nurseries can be found here.



Sorrel s Address:

On Facebook, you can reach them on to get the latest updates on the new arrivals.

3 thoughts on “Sorrel s – with a Style!”

  1. Can you please tell me how to go there… That is directions to this place.Thank you. Saraswati Venkatesh

    1. Hi Saraswati,

      Directions from Thiruvanmiyur to Sorrel s:
      1. Take the ECR (East Coast Road) from Thiruvanmiyur bus stop.
      2. Travel around 10km, you can see VGP Golden Beach on the left
      3. Travel further on ECR, you will see Mayajal on the right.
      4. Travel ahead further, you will see Dhakshinachitra on the right.
      5. Travel further for 5 minutes on the ECR, you will see Sorrel s on your right.

      Hope this helps.

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