Jun 012012
Paper Quilling - Dolphin - Part 2!

This is the continuation of my previous post “Paper Quilling – Flowers – Part 1!” which explains the basics of paper quilling. If you are new to this quilling, I suggest you read my earlier post. Paper quilling is gaining more popularity nowadays and throughout the world, more and more people are taking this art […]

Jun 012012
Paper Quilling - Flowers - Part 1!

Paper Quilling (also known as Paper Filigree)  is a wonderful art form where thin strips of colored papers are rolled/coiled, then shaped to form splendid designs. Quilling has it’s roots back in fifteenth or sixteenth century and it is often said that the nuns and monks at that time  used this method to make religious artifacts using handmade […]

May 032012
How to weave a Paper Basket?

Basket weaving using Palm leaves is a long kept tradition in my place, i.e. Tamil Nadu, a southern part of India. These baskets are used as storage containers, toys or as home decors . I remember making few tiny palm baskets myself when I was a little kid with the help of my grandma and my […]

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