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Angelonia - Purple Flower

Angelonia – The Summer Snapdragon Flowers

The first thing that I ever do when I visit any nursery is to look for some unusual and lesser known flowers. I always choose plants with smaller flowers than the one with larger blooms. Angelonia is one such plant with small flowers that I had found recently in a nursery nearby. This Angelonia plant […]

Torenias – My Mystery Flowers

Torenias – Wishbone Flowers – Clown Flowers While I was searching for a new flowering plant for my garden, I found one interesting plant with a bunch of nice little bi-color flowers in a nursery garden. The flower does kind of looked like a pansy at a distance, but on the closer look it resembled a snapdragon. There […]

Mussaenda Flower

Mussaenda is a evergreen flowering shrub, commonly found in home gardens and is grown widely for its strikingly bright colored blooms. The color of these blooms range from red, pale pink, white, yellow or shades of these. The leaves of Mussaenda plants are very soft, hairy light-green colored and very spongy feel to touch. One interesting fact about these flowers […]

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush: This plant gets its name as its long ‘cone-shaped’ cluster of flowers attract hordes of butterflies and winged insects like bees. These fragrant flowers are loaded with nectar and has an orange throat or eye at the center of each flower. These plants spreads rapidly, as it produces thousands of seeds during every flowering […]

Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus Flowers Garden flowers cannot be complete without these Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or simply Hibiscus flowers (as we call it here in my place). In my area, practically every garden has these flowers, one color at the least. Hibiscus is known for its large showy trumpet-shaped flowers. Hibiscus flowers are five or more petaled. with a long stamen standing […]