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Clay Birds

Clay Birds

Clay makes a better media when it comes to kids projects, because kids enjoy playing with clay. They never ever get bored of trying new things with clay. Below is one such project which I happened to work with my nephew. He was in his third grade and one of his science topics is about different kinds of birds and their nests. His assignment was to build a physical model of a bird in it’s nest.

He asked me to help him make a bird’s nest with a pair of birds. So I took clay as our best bet as we both familiar with clay and started working on it. Since I like the Cardinal Birds very much because of their bright color, I chose these birds as the model for our project. We both played with the clay for a while and finally completed the birds. Then we painted them with bright red color as the base coat. The birds looked kind of okay, but to me, it was so plain. Then I remembered I had some colored feathers in my art supplies, I thought why not make use of those artificial feathers to give these birds a little bit texture.

For the nest, we picked up the different dried twigs and sticks in our neighborhood which took longer than the bird itself. While were searching, we luckily found one abandoned nest  near a tree which was half broken. So we made use of it and shaped a little bit by filling up the gaps by adding the twigs that. we collected earlier.

Below are few snaps of our Clay Birds!

Real Cardinal Bird feeding from the bird feeder which I had kept on my porch! Sure can’t beat the real birds! Can we?

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