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Water Cycle

Water Cycle

Water Cycle is another one of a school project for second to third grade kids!  The water cycle is an important natural process which takes place all the time. So it is very important for the kids to know about the water cycle. Little about the Water Cycle…

What is a Water Cycle?

The water cycle is the process through which water circulates in our environment. Due to sun’s heat, water from the various water bodies like river, lakes, ocean etc., gets heated up and get converted in to water vapor or steam which is called Evaporation. This warm vapor rises up in the air. When we go high up towards atmosphere, the air feels much colder. So when the warm vapor reaches this cold air, the vapor becomes a form of water drops. This accumulation of water drops form the cloud. This process is called Condensation. When sufficient amount of water is collected on the clouds, these clouds becomes heavy and pour them out as rain or snow. This process is known as Precipitation.

Thus, the water evaporated from the water bodies, falls back to the same after undergoing few more processes. Thus the water cycle repeats itself…

Our project is to build a model to demonstrate this process. I have made it very simple so that kids can understand the different processes easily. Below is the model!

You can see the YouTube video of this model in the below section:

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      Make a paste from plaster of paris powder which you can get from any hardware shop around; Place a small plastic cup face down exactly where you want to have your mountain. Just place a thick cloth on the top of this cup and let it cover fully. Now apply this plaster paste on this cloth and adjust the cloth in way it resembles a small mountain..instead of cloth you can use a sack(jute) to get better result.

      Hope this helps…thanks.

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