Craft Ideas Nellikkai Koodai – an update!

Nellikkai Koodai – an update!

It’s been several months since I started with this Plastic wire Nellikkai knot Baskets (initiated by Smita) and yet I couldn’t complete a single basket… I have asked many people who used to make these type of plastic wire baskets, but nothing turned out successfully.

Where am I?

Since it will be my learning, I started with a much smaller basket with a base containing only 5 lines of Nellikkai knots. So far, I can frame the base without any problem. But I am facing problem while making corners for this basket. This doesn’t mean that I will stop here; I will continue to try this and will post the complete basket when I am done.

Below gallery will show you where I am so far… If someone has an idea about how to proceed from here, please do share it here…

Once when I sort out this, I will definitely include a step-step video tutorial…

19 thoughts on “Nellikkai Koodai – an update!”

  1. Hi Melinda….hats off to u. Excellent will be nice if u could tell us as to how to join 2 nellikai knots.

  2. Hi Melinda, my mom usef to make this kind of baskets. I wanted to from where you get theses wires in bombay?

  3. you can turn ur corners as we do in cross koodai. this is so nice. pls neenga eppadi potinga nu sollunga. we are waiting…..

    1. Hi Nachiyal,

      Sorry for making you wait for so long… I have already made a small basket… Secret to making the corners is that we have to leave one wire on each corner while using the running wire… will post the pictures soon…

  4. Hi.I need wire measurements for making a basket by cross weaving height about 12 inches & base about 3 inches ,lenth abt 10 inches.Thanks.

  5. I had posted a query regarding measurements for a plastic wire basket abt 12″ height with base abt 4″ by cross weaving knots.Can you pls provide?Thanks.

  6. I know the procedure you should take four. Times length of the height. Do the base with three wires and individual flowers. Then attach bundle wire and continue.

      1. Each flower should have for times length of the required height. Corners will be done continuously without any problem with bundle wire

    1. As many flowers you want you can make I saw your base with five flower row after that you join the bundle wire anywhere in the middle and continue

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