Sep 242017

World of Cactus & Succulents!

Cactus & Succulents are slowly taking over our gardening space by occupying an important corner of our ornamental plant section. With their unique shapes and dangerously beautiful looking spines, cactus and Succulents are the perfect choice for any centrepiece arrangement. Be it a social gathering or a house party, these are the immediate conversation starters.

Cacti & Succulents are plants that have the ability to store water in some part of the body like stem or leaf or in their roots to retain water content in arid climates or soil conditions. This storage of water makes them look like swollen or thick and fleshy plants.

All cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. To know the differences and similarities between these two plant categories, please see the article Cactus Vs Succulents.

Who says, Cactus has got only spines??? Cacti produces some of the most beautiful and silky looking flowers in the whole world. Brightly coloured flowers, some with slight fragrance, often blooming in clusters – Definitely an owner’s pride! With or without flowers, Cactus and Succulents are the best ornamental plants, one must have in their garden.

Where to get Cactus & Succulents Online?

First of all, Cacti and Succulents don’t need much care and attention. These do not require frequent watering. Plant them in a nice earthen/ceramic pot; do a little arrangement with rocks/pebbles; leave them on the porch or on a patio; So relaxing and breath taking! Why not try one for yourself?

Now you don’t have to go in search of these beautiful Cacti and succulents …. I am making this super easy for you!

Over the past few years, I have collected many varieties of Cactus & Succulents from all over India and from across the Globe and I am making these plants available for sale online at a low price on my new website

Please explore my “ONLINE CACTUS & SUCCULENTS SHOP” and search the vast collection of plants listed under Cactus and Succulents section to grow a Cactus and Succulent Garden of yours…I will continue to add more plants and accessories for a very reasonable price in the upcoming days.

You can also visit my collection of cactus & succulents at my place which is in Madambakkam, Tambaram, Chennai.

Write to me if you have any questions regarding growing or propagating these plants….

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