Oct 072014
Activities for Kids @ DakshinaChitra

DakshinaChitra conducts several activities for kids and craft lovers, which include but not limited to Pottery, Puppet Making, Fabric Printing, Pot Painting, Palm Leaf Crafts, Mask Making, Origami, Paper Crafts, Candle Making etc. Kids can participate in these activities and make their own crafts instantly. For each craft one Artisan is there to demonstrate or […]

Jun 302014
Clay Birds

Clay makes a better media when it comes to kids projects, because kids enjoy playing with clay. They never ever get bored of trying new things with clay. Below is one such project which I happened to work with my nephew. He was in his third grade and one of his science topics is about different kinds […]

May 012012
How to weave a Table Mat?

As it name depicts, a mat tape can be very well used to weave beautiful mats. The method which I’m going to do today is very traditional and it is been in practice for many many years now. My version of a simple mat using the traditional mat weaving is shown below. Materials needed: 1. Mat Tape […]

Apr 242012
Make a Bird or Parrot using Mat Tape/Fish Tape!

Today I’m going to explain how to make a bird or parrot using fish tape or mat tape. Below picture shows the bird once when it is completed. Materials Required: 1. Fish Tape or Mat Tape 2. Stapler 3. Scissor 4. Small beads for bird’s eyes 5. Glue Instructions: 1. For one bird you need […]

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