Kids Projects Photosynthesis in Plants

Photosynthesis in Plants


Photosynthesis is a process by which plants prepare their food by making use of chlorophyll, carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. During this process, plants absorb the sunlight, transform it in to chemical energy and store them as sugars, which then used as the energy for various plant activities.

In this post, I am including a project on photosynthesis, done by Kevin Curtis who is in his fourth grade. He has done a very simple but a wonderful job to explain this process of photosynthesis on plants. I thought of including his project as a token of appreciation and also for the reason that it may give some idea for someone doing a similar kind of project.



Instructions as per Kevin:

1. For the base, Kevin used a thick card board covered with a silver color sheet.

2. Then he pasted a Curry Leaf (whole leaflets) on a card board. With that as a guide, he applied green color clay on each leaf and smoothed it.

3. For the soil, he pasted brown color paper at the bottom of the plant below the shoot system.

4. For the roots, he used few strands of coconut fibers.

5. On the leaves, he drew some lines in the shape of veins to resemble mid-vein and other veins.

6. For arrows, he used black color clay to demonstrate the energy flow.

7. For the sun, he used yellow and orange color clay.

8. He got a little help from his mom for the write-up.

It is very nice of Kevin and his mom to share this lovely project herein our post.

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