Kids Projects Thermocol House with paper roof – Model 2

Thermocol House with paper roof – Model 2

Thermocol House with paper roof and colors

Here in this section I’ll explain, how you can change the look of a plain white thermocol house in to a something different, by adding a simple roof and some poster colors. Since this post is actually a continuation to my previous post How to Make a Thermocol House Model – Model 1, I will start from the part where I left off earlier without going in to details. So, if you want to start from the scratch, I would suggest you to read the previous post first before coming to this.
Lets compare the thermocol house from the previous post to the one what we are going to make in this section:

Plain white Thermocol House

Plain white Thermocol House

Thermocol House with paper roof and colors

Thermocol House with paper roof

If you like this little but noticeable transformation of this thermocol model, then read further to know how it is done in few easy steps.

1. Materials required: Chart paper or Crib Paper(dark brown paper used for making cribs during Christmas time), glue, Scissor, poster colors and brush.

2. Cut a lot of strips of chart paper with a wavy edge on one side and length equal to 13.5 inch just to match with our roof width. Use a craft scissor for cutting this strips faster. Paint these strips with brown color. If you have crib paper or any other dark brown paper, you can it use it here instead of painted strips. You can save a lot on the time.

Alternatively, you can simply paint the roof with brown color instead. That will also give a different look which I will show you in my next model house. I took the hard way here, because these strips gives some texture to the roof, simply resembling the roof tiles that we use here in my place for slanting roofs.

Chart Paper Strips with wavy edges Painted Chart Paper Strips

3. Now start pasting the strips on the roof one over the other. Start from grooves and move towards the top of the roof. Near the chimney, you need to paste smaller strips.

IMG_8349 IMG_8352 IMG_8354

Do the same for the other side of the roof.

IMG_8360 IMG_8365

4. Now paint the chimney with brick red color or any other color of your choice. Paint the windowsills, sun shades (above the windows) and the door mantle with your favorite colors. Here I have chosen bright blue color to all of these to keep it this very simple.

IMG_8377 IMG_8375 IMG_8382

With this, I am concluding this post, but you can continue to add more colors or decorations if you want.

You can see the YouTube video of this thermocol model house here:

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